Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had the most delicious lunch today. It was worth blogging about (and photographing) for a number of reasons. Most obviously, it was a very good wrap...turkey, spinach, tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was extra yummy because it was so healthy and wholesome: the wrap was all-natural whole grain, the tomatoes were grown on our hanging tomato plant, etc.

The most delicious part of this lunch however is that as I was making it, the words from my latest newsletter came to life. This month I wrote about enjoying the process of life rather than the progress and living all your moments fully. Often I write about things that I know I need to work on and this month was no exception.

Typically, I hurriedly make the kids lunch and get it on their little table as quickly as I can. Then I scramble to make my own (usually a duplicate of what I've just made for them) and devour it rapidly so that I can be ready for the split second that they decide they are finished. Not today, though. The girls were happily watching Thomas after their swimming lessons. Their lunch was made and waiting for them, and I took the time to enjoy the process of making my beautiful wrap. It was so therapeutically relaxing to focus on the particular moment that I was in and not just trying to get to the next one.

I need to remember this moment: the calmness, the focus, the light-heartedness, the un-hurriedness, and try to incorporate it into more areas of my life. I need to remember this especially with Madeline Bea. I'm always trying to do more, do better, make more sales, get more exposure. I need to slow down my pace, accept that success will come in it's own time with or without my pushing it, and enjoy the work that I'm doing and the "place" that I'm in right now.