Friday, November 21, 2008

Are You Getting Curious...

...about all the new stuff scheduled for the update???!!! Me too.

Just kidding! Here's a little peek...

After a killer busy week and planning on a killer busy weekend, things are finally starting to take shape. All the products have been made and I'm just putting the final touches and wrappings on. I'm planning to have a big mega photo-shoot tomorrow (first with the girls in cute Christmas garb and then with all the STUFF!). I'm getting very giddy over the whole bit!

I even unloaded my photo card at CVS today. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't had pictures printed out since July! And, yes, if your wondering, it did make me Miss Popularity at CVS choosing my 500 pictures to print out... But now the card is clear, fresh, and ready for the holidays!

Well, the coffee is on (half-caf. and I didn't really have any this AM...thank you prego police) and the plan is to assemble a multitude of gift sets for said update! Wish me luck!