Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slowing Down...

As Christmas draws nearer, my busy-ness is starting to subside...which is a very welcome change of pace. This tired, pregnant mama wants to rest a bit and enjoy what's left of this beautiful holiday season. In fact, I'm about as excited as the kiddos about the snow day we're anticipating having tomorrow! Here's what I've been doing (and will be doing) with my increase in free time...

(1) Wrapping Gifts!

(2) Baking Cookies for Santa

(3) Making snowman cards and snowflake ornaments with the girls

(4) Listening to this constantly

(5) Snuggling up with a cup of cocoa, a cozy blanket, and reading this ...(did you know that cavemen made snowmen???

(6) Gazing at our lighted Christmas tree at night with my sweet girls beside me telling me what the magical ornaments do while we all sleep.

(7) Listening to Layla sing Winter incredibly cute!

(8) Admiring all the beautiful Christmas cards that we've been getting

(9) Painting 20 tiny fingernails red to match the fancy, foofy dresses we just had to have for our Christmas Eve church service.

(10) Sleeping...lots of sleeping...I hope!

I truly hope that you all are taking some time to slow down and enjoy the season that will be over all too soon!