Tuesday, February 17, 2009

38 Weeks: The Waiting Game...

Well, we have officially begun the totally agonizing, completely frustrating waiting period. I'm speaking personally of waiting to finally get to meet baby Maya, but I also feel that (for much of the northern hemisphere) that this part of February has us all waiting. I know that the girls are very much longing for Spring, warmer weather, more chances to get out and stretch their legs, opportunities to perfect their bike riding skills, more excuses to eat ice cream, etc. And, honestly, aren't we all feeling a little cooped up. Even you winter/snow/bundling lovers out there have to admit that a little warm sunshine and fresh luke-warm air would be really great about now.

I think that the one really nice, abnormally warm day we had here in northeast PA last week spurred a little pre-mature Spring fever in this house. Once we saw what we all had been missing, we really started missing it!

Well, I guess that we here in this house will just take this time to practice some patience, appreciate what we have when we have it, and use this bit of extra time to cuddle, nap, read, and be cozy.

P.S. Layla is doing fine. We stopped by the dentist yesterday just so he could take a look-see and all looks relatively well. The pre-mature tooth loss may cause some frustrations later, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!