Friday, April 24, 2009


Is it really Friday afternoon already? Oh, and come on, it's going to be May next week? Tell me that my newborn baby Maya is not almost two months old! And seriously, did my Baby Bea {aka: Layla} just turn THREE! Wow, am I really filling out all sorts of forms for Rayne to start Kindergarten in the fall?

Honestly, where is the time going? Because it really feels like just a little bit ago that I was in college. {it, however, was not just a little bit ago...} I'm totally feeling a huge need to try to savor every moment: capture every bud and flower on the trees because spring will soon be over and those flowers will be disappearing.

And not to totally beat a dead horse here but I'll illustrate with this: I feel so much like I'm the metro-rail at Disney and it's going so fast. I'm trying to take everything in but the intense forward motion makes me shift my focus onto what's coming up next. Just when I feel like I'll be able to soak up the upcoming sights a bit, we're past them and my focus has been shifted yet again. I'd really just like to get off and walk for a little while!
Here's to some slow, beautiful moments this weekend!