Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Heart Naps...

In this house, a good nap is pretty much a cure-all for a day quickly going down the drain...which today certainly was. Kids were sent to rooms, toys were taken away, potty training efforts were strained {to be super nice about it}, mamas were yelling, babies were crying...you get the not-so-pretty picture. But usually those days can be attributed to plain old lack of good sleep. Nap time comes just shy of my locking myself in the bathroom. And then there's calm...quiet time...space & rest...and then a new beginning. Then I get my kids back. And they get their nice mama back. And we have another chance at a really great day. And usually, that's just what we have.
Sorry I didn't pick the winner of this month's give-away today {as I had promised}. I will shoot for tomorrow.