Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've Been Bitten...

I'm a hopelessly devoted love slave to the Twilight Saga! As one of the LAST people in the world to get lost in these amazing stories, most of you are either saying "yeah so what" or "oh no...not her now too." I need to say that for over a year I have been doubting what could be so great about these novels: vampire falls in love with a human...big whoop! But you know, I kept hearing about people's complete enthral with this saga and finally it was too much: I HAD to know what was so great about these books! Now was the perfect time...I needed a big distraction from my baby's 5th birthday and from the impending first day of school. Let me just say...WOW! Perfect. Just what I needed.

I bought the first two thinking that if I hated them than at least i hadn't invested in the entire saga and if I liked them I would certainly have time to order books 3 & 4 {they are nearly 600 pages each}. Now, I'm a busy mama of three with birthday parties, dr's appts., library readings, mouths to feed, and so forth going on. But somewhere in there I read the first book in four days and the second book in a day and a half! They are mesmerizing! Now I have to wait a couple of days for the final two to arrive but my hubby is probably happy to have me back in his realm of reality.