Saturday, August 8, 2009

Us As We Are...

We've had a great week of fun and togetherness! Not without its fair share of tiredness & crankiness...from all of us. But for the most part, it's been extraordinarily nice to spend an entire week together. We enjoyed some time away with family including a day trip to the beach. I mentioned my unusually strong pull to the beach in a previous post and I have to say that I do feel renewed and more at peace now that I've been to the water {around a full moon no less!}. The water was brimming with jellyfish, the beach was super crowded, it was rather hot, and Layla wouldn't go near the water...but it was a day at the beach none-the-less and beggars cannot be choosers!

Our week finished off at home crossing some big things of the never ending to-do list, taking some family photos, and having a birthday bash for Rayne and her friends. It was good...very good. I'll be sad to see the weekend end and reality coming barrelling back at us!

I have many pictures to share. Hopefully I'll get some time to upload them tomorrow so that I can share some more of my week with you. I hope you all have had a lovely first week of August!