Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maya is 7 Months...

Okay...I know what you're thinking. I have devoted this month to sharing and this doesn't quite fit the bill. But poor Maya didn't get a proper post last month so I feel obligated to do it this month. However...I will share with you some photos of her that I took the other week. {does that count???}

Oh, sweet Maya! How can so much light and love fit inside of someone so tiny? Although you definitely are getting bigger every day. {18 lbs. now!} You love with your whole little self and we love you to pieces.
You command attention and love when you can get people to fuss over you. Although once you've gotten some one's attention, you look to your daddy or I to make sure it's okay to play.
You're so curious and you never miss one little trick around here! You always want to be a part of the action!
You still prefer to sleep with Mommy and, well, that's okay for now because Mommy is feeling the world spin all too quickly these days and I like having you little and right in my arms. You're eating all sorts of simple solids but you seem to prefer vegetables over fruits. And always you like to feed yourself...it does get a bit messy!

Sweet Maya, you're growing up a little too quickly...but you're doing a mighty fine job of it. Thank you for making "Mama" your first word. I love you, too!


So, life gets a little crazy for me from here on out this week. In fact, if you do see me here, tell me to get to work! But I'll be back after the weekend to share recipes, mommy tips, inspiring artists, photos {of course}, and more!


Anonymous October 9, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

Cutest baby pics ever! Love her little outfit, she is just a doll!