Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greetings, November...

I had very good intentions of posting Sunday, then Monday, then Tuesday, and half of today. But I've been, well, living life. And it is feeling really good. For quite some time I've been feeling quite out of balance. Mostly I've felt like I wasn't really seeing and being with my kids. I mean, yes, I see them everyday...all day. But often I'm juggling so many other things that often we're all just going through the motions. But Rayne had off school Monday & Tuesday this week and I really feel like the focus got put back where it should be: on them and on us being together. At least for now, anyway. Tomorrow could be an entirely different story.

So I hear that it's November! Not that I know where October has gone...but I think I say that every month. Never-the-less, it is a new month and because I enjoyed having a theme to guide my posts last month I thought we should definitely have a new theme this month. Naturally {and totally un-originally} this month's theme will be gratitude!
I had a request for more quick and easy recipes and I promise to post a couple more. But I'm really anal about having proper pictures to go with my posts so I'll have to wait until I make one again and take pictures to post the recipe. But I'm sure it will be soon...
And one last bit of business for the month...I am keeping up with my daily photo challenge {in case you were wondering}. But being the anti-detail person I am, I have totally lost count of what day I'm on and have since quit numbering them. I was beginning to stress over it and then I reminded myself that the challenge is about the taking of the pictures on a daily basis and not about the trying to make me a more orderly and organized person. That is a whole other challenge for hopefully a day that will never come {because that sounds like a lot of not fun work}... You can view my daily pictures here.
Well then, let's see...this month's theme, future recipes, an attempt at justifying my inability to count my pictures...I think I've covered everything!
Happy November to you all!