Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Dozen Details with Kim Klassen...

I'm very excited to introduce you to the second artist I had the privilege of interviewing for our Dozen Details series. Kim Klassen is a breath of fresh air, a ball of positive energy, and a wonderful artist. She is constantly in motion with her hands in a plethora of creative endeavors at all times.She began her creative journey as a painter and now works in primitive art. She has since fallen in love with photography and has quite an eye. Not only that, but Kim has also just come out with her very own pack of photo textures, is teaching an intro to Photoshop e-course, produces many how-to videos with regards to both painting and photography, and has a few other collaborations and on-going projects as well. I was so excited to get "the skinny" {playing off the title of her e-course} on Kim!

1) How long have you been living a completely creativity infused life? Did you ever have any other profession besides artist?

My creative life started in about 1992. We moved into our antique home and things just kind of grew from that point forward. Before that, I worked in a Canadian dept store, in the men’s department. i loved creating the displays , you know… mannequin set up and stuff. but I never actually drew or painted til I started in 94. I don’t think I’ve really looked back. It’s not a choice… it’s part of me, like sleeping, eating or breathing….. I have to create.

other than working in the department store, I spent a year as an education assistant at our local elementary school.

That’s it…..

2) Where did you learn to paint?

I am self taught… I tend to get an idea in my head and just have to learn how to do it. Sigh…

3) What led you towards primitive arts?

I’ve always loved old things… that’s why I love prims…and because we live in an antique home, primitive art just fits so well in our home.

4) You have recently fallen in love with photography. What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Oh dear, that’s a tough one… I love photographing stills and nature. I love photographing old abandoned buildings as well though. I think if I had little ones around like you, meg… I would be photographing them all the time. I wish I “knew” photography when my kids were little. But perhaps, someday, I will have grandchildren to follow around with my camera.

5) How did your background in painting help you to create your new line of textures?

Oh my I am in love with creating textures. I think because I create worn, weathered art… the texture creating was pretty easy and felt so natural.

6) Do you apply the same or different principles when layering paints on your canvas and layering textures on your photos?

The process is actually quite similar. Layer, sand, layer sand… when painting… layer, layer mask, layer, layer mask… in photoshop.

7) What would you tell someone who is intimidated by working with textures? Any ‘try this first’ advice?

Oh I say DIVE in…

It’s such an artful experience…very expressive. I have a couple of how to vids on my site that show you how to get started… it’s awesome…. ♥

8) What gear do you use for photography? What is your favorite/most used lens and why?

I have a Nikon d90. I have several lenses. But, my most fav is my 50 mm f/1.8… however I am dreaming of the 50mm f/1.2 that’s apparently releasing soon….sigh… I purchased a sigma 50mm macro… and it’s AWESOME. I find myself wondering what I did without it. I also have a 35mm f/1.8 that I use for photographing my art and portraits as well. Then there’s my zoom lens. I use it a lot while photographing abandoned buildings and nature.

I have to stop myself from always wanting bigger and better. It tends to come with the photography bug I think. :)

9) What are your essentials for painting?

Oh gosh, pine boards, canvases… I’m crazy about golden paints these days… must have crackle medium, gel medium, oh and tim holtz distress ink… oh and gel stain…. Brushes and more brushes…. I’m a supply addict. I am blessed to get free brushes and paints from some of the companies…. So my stash is HEAVENLY…. :)

10) What do you do when you’re in a creative slump?

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a slump….but that’s most likely because I was in a slump for about 2 years…. It was really quite painful. But when I finally came out of it…. WOW… explosive…. I’ve been on creative fire ever since… it’s been almost a year since that awful slump… may it never return.

creativity can’t be forced. It must flow…

11) What are three words that you hope people do or will use to describe you and/or your work?

That’s a tough one.. ummmm… sincere, warm, creative

12) What is your definition of success?

Living a truly creative life…. Dollars or no dollars…. Truly creating is the only life I want to live.

Isn't she just amazing! Aaaannnddd...Kim is generously offering up a GIVEAWAY of one of her awesome texture packs to one lucky reader!!! All you  have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Comments will be closed on Friday, April 23rd at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sunday, April 25th.
You can visit Kim at her blog, her Flickr stream, or her Etsy shop. And you can see her blog featured in the upcoming Summer issue of Artful Blogging magazine {yay, Kim!!!} and her photography featured in the current issue of Stampington's Sommerset Life magazine {yay, again!!!}.
Thank you, Kim! It was so nice having you today!


barbara April 20, 2010 at 10:42 AM  

wonderful interview meg! it's great getting to know more about kim... and what a fantastic giveaway! i'm keeping my fingers crossed :))

Clara April 20, 2010 at 12:14 PM  

My name is Clara and I´m from Sweden.

This is the first time I visit your blog, Madeline and here is so much inspiration. And Kim Klassen is a person that I want to read more about, so I have to visit her blog :)

Have a great and creative day!!!
All my best

Kristi April 20, 2010 at 12:25 PM  

I love your interviews...they are so interesting! These textures look awesome and I'd love to win them. Thanks!

Johnna Riddell April 20, 2010 at 1:16 PM  

What a wonderful interview Meg and Kim :) I have only recently discovered Kim, after seeing many of my flickr friends sing her praises. I had no idea to the extent that she is immersed in art and how incredible her talent is!! What gorgeous photos and textures. I MUST seek her out on flickr and at her blog now. Wonderful Read Ladies...

Meg, what a great series!!

Kim Klassen April 20, 2010 at 1:43 PM  

hi meg
you are so sweet... and thank you for sharing this with your readers.

i feel so honored.

i'm so happy to have found you... and you know i am such a huge fan.

'sigh' of gratitude....xxo, kim

Jamie April 20, 2010 at 1:56 PM  

What a talented photographer!

Teresa April 20, 2010 at 2:04 PM  

What a great interview and selection of Kim's work to share..I'm always in awe of her beautiful images! I've been eyeing those textures since they came out.

shannonblue April 20, 2010 at 3:17 PM  

A great interview, and a great giveaway. Off to check out Kim's blog now. :)

Kelly April 20, 2010 at 4:29 PM  

I've loved Kim's photos since I saw her on Shutter Sisters! She has amazed me with her talents. I love her still life's and her 'eye' for composition. Of course I'd love to win some textures, but this was a fun interview regardless!

photographybybrett April 20, 2010 at 4:35 PM  

I have followed some of Kim's work for awhile now and she is not only a fantastic artist/Photographer but a wonderful person who is willing to help all of us learn and grow!! Kudos Kim!! Love your work!!!


Julianna Collett April 20, 2010 at 4:39 PM  

Love Kim - so great of you to feature her- I would love to win her textures!

SweetPea April 20, 2010 at 6:12 PM  

Beautiful textures and I'm loving that you're doing these interviews. Another great artist/photographer to follow! Thank you!

Cassie April 20, 2010 at 6:31 PM  

Oh very very cool textures! Hope I win!

Anonymous April 20, 2010 at 7:44 PM  

It was great to learn more about you, Kim! Well-organized and personal interview, Maegan. :)

Sew Fab Martha April 20, 2010 at 9:52 PM  

Great to get to know more about you, Kim!

Beth Simmons April 20, 2010 at 11:06 PM  

What a wonderful interview with an amazing woman! It's so nice to learn more about Kim. I am a huge fan of her work and she just couldn't be any nicer! Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog, Maegan!

Robin April 21, 2010 at 6:25 AM  

Absolutely delightful interview, I could almost hear the two of you chatting. (You both have the most beautiful calming voices in my head by the way :) )

I'm saving my pennies for her textures, aren't they ever so lovely!?

Thank you for this inspiring post~
All Things Heart and Home

Sarah Krause April 21, 2010 at 7:41 AM  

I love Kim's work! So great to learn more about you, Kim. Thanks for the contest!!

Meg April 21, 2010 at 9:12 AM  

So glad you are doing these. It is great being able to be introduced to new artists, and get to know some artists that I follow a little bit better :)

Courtney Corey April 21, 2010 at 9:40 AM  

I love Kim's work. I grew up in an old Victorian house in "an old-fashioned" town, complete with a 5 and Dime, a pharmacy with a soda shop, a Main Street with a courthouse in the town square... so, I have always been drawn to things that are weathered, crackeled, distressed - of course, growing up it wasn't stylish, it was just the way things were. I can't wait to learn more about Kim's process. Her work is beautifully simple, yet each photo tells a story. Thanks for letting us learn more about her.

Donna April 21, 2010 at 2:23 PM  

Very nice interview! I have one of Kim's painted plates and love it. Didn't know she was getting into photography too. I have a Nikon D90 and dabble quite a bit with textured and altered digital images using PCS4. I would love to win her lovely textured backgrounds.

Denise April 21, 2010 at 3:42 PM  

It is fantastic to learn a bit more about Kim. I'm taking her e-course and wow! Kim's introducing me to a whole new world in her own fabulous way. Thanks Kim! And thanks Meg for a great interview.

Divas and dreams photography blog April 21, 2010 at 4:59 PM  

What a wonderful post Meg. Kim is fantastic, talented, sweet and helpful and I really enjoyed to read more about her. I already have all her textures, so I can tell the lucky winner, that she is getting the most amazing textures of all times, to work with! They are my faves!

Have a great day!

Hugs/ C

Elflyn April 21, 2010 at 5:49 PM  

Lovely interview, I always enjoy learning more about the wonderful artists and photographers out there.
Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of awesome textures.

Kellie Hatcher Photography April 21, 2010 at 7:45 PM  

oh, how fun to read more about Kim...you know, I always wonder about so many of my contacts and it was fun to learn more about how she came to be who she is now. Thanks for sharing!

Camilla~ Bloom April 21, 2010 at 8:03 PM  

Awesome interview guys.
Kim I really am going to need that autograph soon...your famous!
Love your work Kim!

Clare B April 22, 2010 at 1:44 AM  

It's been so lovely getting to know you and Kim through your blogs and C+C - you are both truly inspriational artists. Lovely giveaway too!

AJ April 22, 2010 at 2:39 AM  

Great interview and what a great giveaway! I'm just starting to play with textures and I'm loving it.

Sending you love from Holland.

life in yonder April 22, 2010 at 6:39 AM  

Another fun interview with you Kim, love your photos, lights & textures.
*crossing my fingers again*

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Anonymous April 22, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

Fantastic interview! Beautiful photos. Well done. Thanks -- have a beautiful day! :)

beth April 22, 2010 at 9:05 AM  

i adore kim....you can do that right ? adore a stranger you only know from blogging....well, i am, so there !

Christina April 22, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

oh how i love it here.
i adore kim and the talent she holds. what a beautiful interview.

Flo April 22, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

Great interview with someone so talented. Love her photography and her textures!

PinkInklings April 23, 2010 at 12:18 AM  

How nice to read a down-to-earth interview on Earth Day! With daisies to swoon over, photos to savor and so many well mannered folks leaving positive feedback. I like it here :-)

Life in Eden April 23, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

ooh me me! I'm taking Kim's e-class and learning so much. I'd love to have all the textures. So glad to have found your blog.

Courtney @ splashing grace April 23, 2010 at 4:15 PM  

thanks for sharing the interview - love Kim's work!