Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moving Forward

It's kind of official...this is my last week of my "other job" and I'm quickly moving towards my first week of creative living. My income will come entirely from my creative efforts. Being the owner of Madeline Bea Soap Co. will be my full time job. But I don't want to lock myself into being just anything, creatively speaking. I want to leave it open that something else may come along to fill my life that may or may not bring income but will definitely be part of who I am. I'm tired of our roles in this life being defined by what we do, how much money we make, what kind of car we drive, etc. We get one opportunity in this life to be who we are. I am an artistic, creative, open minded person. I do not need to fit into someone else perceptual boxes. Nor do my children need to fit into pre-made boxes. Yes, this decision to live the "artist's way" may not be the most financially sound decision. Nor may it be a decision that other people will understand. But to me, it was the only choice. I will not spend my life un-happy at the mercy of someone else.

That being said, I am taking steps toward fostering a nurturing and creative environment. Being surrounded by non-like-minded people can easily cause me to question my life decisions. I could easily start to wonder what in the heck I was thinking giving up solid income to pursue a "dream." But if I foster new relationships and patterns that reinforce and encourage the need for the lifestyle I have chosen, then I will continue to feel confidant that I made the only choice that made any sense for me.

So, I'm working on some projects that will enable such a life. One that I've just stumbled upon is a photo challenge for this week. In exploring my new found interest in photography, I've been reading some great photography blogs from some amazingly talented and creative women. Sadie Olive's Blog is so pretty and inspiring to read. Low and behold, she's just beginning this wonderful color inspired photo challenge...

So, here are my entries for Monday, June 2st (which I missed) and today, June 3rd.

♥What a good morning! Fresh thinking and fresh coffee. I read the photo challenge and, bam, just like that I saw my new Body & Soul magazine and then remembered one of my favorite coffee mugs. I'm amazed at how much red is all around.

♥The Rhododendrons are in full bloom at our house. They are the second wave of flowerings in our landscaping. We have been spending so much time outside during this beautiful weather and these crazy pretty flowers were just begging to be photographed! They are so incredibly bright and beautiful!

I'm happy to join this challenge and I look forward to what I will find for tomorrow's "red."


hautemommy June 3, 2008 at 7:20 PM  

Ooh those red flowers are gorgeous! I love this "red challenge" because I get to see new blogs! Off to check out your darling soaps on Etsy! xo!