Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall Hungry

I am so excited about the upcoming Autumn months the I have blown a good-bye kiss to Summer and will spend it's remaining months gearing up for the cooler weather. Fall has become my favorite season. There are so many things that I love about this particular season (the foliage, the sweaters, the hot cider, etc.) that it's no wonder I'm so eager to leave the dog days of summer behind.

Today is a cool, dreary day outside so I'm indoors, catching up on some work and pretending it's a fall day. I've lit my new Blackberry Crisp Woodwick Candle to set the mood. I'm sipping some french pressed Starbucks coffee and I made Layla try on her adorable white kitten Halloween costume just for fun! (I must say, she was the cutest kitten I've ever seen!)

I thought I would just write a quick ode to Autumn to round out my mood before I get heavy into Etsy updates and emails. So please enjoy whatever type of day you are having...even if you have to pretend it's an entirely different season!