Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feels Like A Sunday...

Today, like most Sundays, did not take the direction I had originally planned. After taking the entire day yesterday to head out (all alone!) to go Christmas shopping, I had planned on being super productive with Madeline Bea work today. But after waking at 5am (not really by choice), dealing with two cranky kids who have been bickering non-stop, running into various computer problems which then took hours to I am at nearly quarter after four with very few of my to-do list items accomplished. I did however end up doing many random things that, although necessary, were not on my immediate list. So, I guess that all in all I wasn't exactly un-productive...just not in the ways I anticipated. I did, however, get some orders packed up to ship out including all our fab give-aways from last week's daily tips. There are five amazing winners excitedly awaiting their prizes and I'm happy to report that they'll be arriving soon! It was really fun to post every day and receive your comments. Thanks to all who participated!