Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things...

Well, the Christmas tree is still up and a few new toys still don't have permanent homes, but I've let it go for now. I had to get back to business and start making soap again. The busy holiday season has left me super depleted and I need to get stocked up pronto! It's been really nice to get back to 'work' at a more normal, relaxed enjoyable pace. Don't get me wrong...I like it very much when things are busy. But I love to savor and enjoy the art and craft of what I do also.

Not only do I have batches and batches of soap to make, but I have been flooded with creative ideas and ambitions that I'm trying to actualize as well. I've been working on new designs for wedding & shower favors, improvements to my baby line (big surprise, huh?), and a new toddler line as well inspired by my little Rayne with her itchy skin! So I've been doing much research and ordering to prepare for the creation of all the new items as well as building up stock of the oldies-but-goodies.

This surge of creativity has spilled over into so many other avenues. I've been loving swimming around the Internet and gathering inspiration from so many blog and websites. I've added some new ones to my list on the left that have been particularly motivational. Also, as a sort of Christmas present to ourselves, Brent and I trekked out to one of our local antique shops in the search for the perfect piece to house art supplies for the girls and I. We desperately needed a centralized, easy location for all our tools, paints, paper, etc. We settled on this one...it's perfect in all it's rustic, completely functional beauty!

We are loving the easy access to all our favorite activities. There's even a shelf for all my soap-making tools! Finally, after two years of making soap, I have somewhere other than a big rubbermaid container to store it all!