Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm not one for resolutions. How could you possibly know where life will lead you in this upcoming year of your life? How can you resolve to be/do/not do/think/feel anything when you have no idea what your life will be like in the next three, six, nine...months? For instance, if you had told me last New Year's Eve that in one year I'd be anticipating the arrival of our third child, I probably would've told you that you were crazy! But here we are.

Life takes the most unexpected twists and turns. The only thing I resolve is to be open to those changes and allow my life to flow as it may. Which may or may not be my chosen path. The universe (or God) knows plenty more than we do and I trust it (or Him) to guide me in the right

May you, also, experience the fullness of life and all it's un-expectedness during this next year of your life! Cheers!