Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Dwellings...

As I wait patiently (cough, cough), um, okay so not very patiently, for baby Maya's arrival, I thought I'd share some peeks of the room that's also waiting for her.

*The room was already this beautiful warm shade of yellow from when we were preparing for Rayne's arrival. We did, however, tear up the powder blue carpet and lay down this very pretty light cherry laminate flooring.

*The crib is the same one we've used for both girls but we did splurge for some new bedding that was pretty girly versus the more gender neutral one we had invested in originally for Rayne. (we just had no idea that we'd have all girls!) I love the way that this particular set captured the same warm yellow of our walls and incorporated pink and sage as well in a very feminine way.

*Family Love print by Creative Thursday

*Some handmade paper arts made just for Maya by her mama

*Some fresh bumGenius cloth diapers waiting to be used heartily

This weekend, I'm hoping to begin turning our last available upstairs bedroom into an art room. I mentioned it to my very understanding husband who, without even a weird look or roll of the eyes, said "okay, sounds good." Maybe he's looking for a distraction from the obvious huge event looming over us. Plus, we both agree that if we're knee deep in a project, we up the chances of going into labor!

Have a great weekend!