Monday, February 23, 2009

My Muses...

In an effort to indulge my creative side more fully and explore what directions to take, I've been thinking abundantly about the creative habit. Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to what inspires me {which, in and of itself, may or may not manifest into a project of it's own}. Just in being more aware of my surroundings and noticing which stimuli are spurring creative thoughts and ambitions, I've been learning so much about my personal creative process. I have found, undeniably, that my most inspiring muses are my beautiful girls. I am totally moved by the reckless abandon with which they approach art projects...not giving much mind to whether or not they are doing something properly, not worrying about mess or technique...just doing, creating, expressing. And doing it so well. They are, in turn, creating pieces that are uniquely them; expressions of their souls inspired by their own portfolio of experiences. Art at it's finest!

*In recent months, Layla has taken to drawing all sorts of people with varying expressions. Note the two purple figures on the right...upset with tears pouring from their little eyes.

*Rayne constantly surprises me with her artistic abilities and her attention to detail combined with her truly unique view of the world around her.
Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that you are surrounded by things that inspire you!


iMother2.0 February 23, 2009 at 11:07 AM  

LOVE their art and their ability to express themselves!