Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Maya {2 weeks}...

Dear Sweet Maya,

Happy little tiny 2 week birthday. {I love that that the smallest fraction of time is so monumental in these very early days of life!} We have all fallen totally in love with you...even your crazy sisters who were a bit skeptical at first seeing as how you don't yet run about and want to play with Polly Pockets. But alas, you have won them over with your cute little ways.

I love how you love to cuddle and nuzzle. I even love that only want to be held {never mind that your 2 week birthday was on Friday and I haven't had a two-hands-free moment until now, Sunday evening}. Because that's what these new baby days are all about...just sitting and holding and loving. They will be gone all too quickly and I will be talking about how much I miss just sitting and holding and loving you.

I love how your face and fingers are getting just the slightest bit chubby. Your Daddy and I can't wait for your "chubber legs" to sprout! I'm sorry you don't like getting your diaper changed or getting a bath, but hopefully you'll learn to just accept these things as part of life. Maybe you'll even start to enjoy your bath because I just love the way you smell right after and it makes me give you an exhuberant amount of snuggles and nuzzles and kisses.

I love the silly little faces you make when you're just waking up. Especially when your tiny mouth make a tiny 'o' and your eyes get all wide. I cannot wait for your first smile and when it happens I will be right there to kiss those little smiling lips.

So keep on growing and being the sweet little you that you are. And we will all keep loving and snuggling and loving the sweet little you that you are.