Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fever...

Aaaahhh, signs of Spring's impending arrival have been in the air all weekend long. We spent as much time as we possibly could out of doors, breathing the fresh air, feeling the warm sun kiss our cheeks, and stretching our legs. It felt so good for all of us to renew a bit.

Today was my first day getting back into some semblance of a schedule. We all had to trek out to take Rayne to pre-school bright and early this morning. Although I think we are all ready to return to some sense of normalcy around here, I can't help but feel a little sad to leave my totally Maya centered, evaporation of time and reality. It was a beautiful place and, even though I knew it couldn't last forever, I will forever think of it as a vacation I never wanted to return home from. I'm glad that I was able to enjoy that time of crazy, haphazard uncertainty that comes with those first days with a new baby. My previous experiences with this time have encouraged me to savor those moments instead of fighting them. I love this unique place in my life that Maya has come into: a place where my life and experiences have delivered me where I feel comfortable enough in my own skin to let life happen as if may rather than trying to control it's flow. Amazingly, without my intervention, poking or proding, Maya has fallen into a totally livable 'schedule' of sorts all on her own. And she is so happy and content because her needs are being met on her time, not mine.
Happy Monday, everyone! Here's to letting go!