Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Kids + Fire Trucks = Too Darn Cute...

Yesterday was a blast! We took a little day trip to visit my big brother and his great family and attend my nephew & niece's birthday party. They had the brilliant idea to have their party at a fire station where the super kind volunteer firemen let all those crazy, very excited kiddos climb all over their awesome fire trucks.

Every kid at that party was loving life...well almost every kid. Turns out my adorable niece, Emily, is terrified of fire trucks.

No biggie, though. She had a kicken' time eating pizza in the fireman's lounge.

Layla was exhausted from the mere anticipation of coming see her cousins...but she pushed through it and had an amazing time!
And baby Maya, spent from the car ride, slept through the entire party! She did so well on her first little road trip!

It was so nice to get to spend the day with family. Rayne & Layla adore their cousins and it was great that we could celebrate their birthdays with them.