Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Girl...

Happy Birthday, my sweet Layla! Wow, being 3 is huge! You're definitely not a baby anymore. If feels like just a very short time ago that we were making you laugh in your baby swing {which you did often} and cuddling with you while you slept in our bed.

And now look at you, so strong and full of life...and a big sister, too! We love your sweetness, your spirit, your big beautiful eyes, your toothless smile, and the absolutely adorable way you say things like "ABCZ's" and "pik-a-nik". You are virtually impossible to say 'no' to which makes it very hard for Mom & Dad to enforce the rules around here!

Your love for Rayne is incredible and it warms our hearts so deeply that you have found such a fabulous best friend right here in your family. She loves you, too and you two are lucky to have each other to play with now and in the future to love and support you always.
You're so cute and loving towards baby Maya, always making sure of where she is and that her needs are being bet. I'm glad that you were able to share your 'baby status' with her. It's just another example of your great big heart and fierce loyalty to those you love. Maya adores you and I'm not even the least bit jealous that she gave her first real smile to deserve it!

We love you so much, sweet Layla! You bring such life and laughter to our home!

Happy Birthday Baby!