Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Things...

...that are making me all warm & fuzzy inside:

  1. Maya laughing!...She's working so hard at it and I think I need to get a little more computer savvy and get a video of that up here for you {it's adorable}
  2. Listening to Amy Seeley...her voice has magical qualities, I swear!
  3. Anticipating these little lovelies coming in the mail any day...I'm having such a thing for yellow these days!
  4. Reading this book and following along with Brene's read-along...soul work is so great and I DO choose authenticity!
  5. The artwork of Louise of Art & Ghosts...her work has this ethereal quality that just takes me away.
  6. is now selling some Martha Stewart craft of the only places online to buy them which makes a busy crafty mommy {who's afraid to leave her house with three kids} very happy!
  7. Getting ready to write my April Soap Notes...I'm very excited to write about this month's topic and I'm even offering a give-away in correspondence with it!

Well, seven is a nice number that also makes me warm and fuzzy {it's my hubby's favorite number...oh, come on, like you don't have a favorite number?} so I'll end my little list there. I'm pretty much hanging at home most days and most often just sitting in a chair nursing Maya so I'm all about the little things these days! Happy Hump Day!