Thursday, May 21, 2009

How it is with 3...

Since I've had baby number three, a lot of my friends with one or two kids have asked me "so, how is it with three?" Well...
It's a circus!
Chock full of intricate juggling acts, delicate tightrope walking, the constant {yet pretty ridiculous} attempts at taming the wild, numerous costume changes, the simultaneous occurrence of a multitude of dramatic events, seemingly tiny cars being filled with too many funny looking people with a horrendous amount of equipment, and loud {often chaotic} sounds and funny smells permeating the air all around. Yes, it's a ridiculous extravaganza most days.
Yet at the end of every night, when all is quiet and the performers have all turned in, I sit back and think of what a beautiful amazing event has just occurred. In all it's wild, multifaceted hullabaloo, something truly magnificent transpired. And I walk away each day thinking how miraculous it all was.
Each of us, living this circus life, is so uniquely talented and plays such an important role in our cabaret. I couldn't imagine being the same show without any one of us being a part of it.
Yes, although we are highly entertaining, some people do watch with an intense confusion over the appeal of circus life. But as for me and my family, we know no other life and absolutely love the one we have.