Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is My Slip Showing...

...perhaps it's meant to...
crinoline skirt, Anthropologie
If you hadn't already noticed, vintage is HUGE! Anything referencing a throwback to the 50's & 60's {or any days-gone-by era} is being re-coveted with a vengeance. I received two mainstream catalogs this week with a design focus on vintage! One item in particular which is receiving {most likely} more attention than was ever previously paid is the slip!
slips print, Abby Trys Again

When it comes to vintage slips: the older, more colorful, less conventional, the better! And these days, a lady's undergarments are not meant to be hidden. No, no! They are to be flaunted... to be layered under another dress, to be layered with other slips for a distinctive summer dress, layered over jeans and tees for an authentic look, or decorated, spruced, & re purposed to create an article all on their own {such is the case with this adorable half-slip}.

across a crowded room, women's slip skirt, Deciduous Soul

I know, some of you are thinking "yes cute...but just not me." I get that. But before you write off this latest trend, take a peek at how Abby donned the look in a couple of different, rather do-able, majorly cute ways.

Happy hump day! Here's to exploring a new look!