Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why, Hello There July...

Ya kind-of snuck up on me.

I'm exploring different ways to catch the day to day stuff around here. Perhaps it's the new baby in the house reminding me of how quickly time will pass. Or maybe it's the thought of Rayne starting school this fall {and Layla starting pre-school}. For whatever reason, I have a persistent voice in my head saying that I will want to remember the little things the most. So how best do I document those?

Lord knows I take an extraordinary amount of photos. However, sometimes the memory is more than just the vision. It's the sound, the smell, the emotions. Do I trust that a picture of Rayne will remind me of the crazy, elaborate, imaginative stories she tells? Can I be certain that I'll be able to hear the cute way Layla says words like feather and girl? Because I already know that unless I write something somewhere, I'm sure to forget how Maya squeals when we take our evening walk...I have a hard time remembering the details of her sisters' first years.

So what's the best way to capture moments in time. I do like to scrapbook but it often takes more time than I have. I'm thinking of filling the backs of photos with as much info. as I can remember about that particular moment. I've also purchased three small blank journals {one for each girl} to serve as a place to put the little stories and events that happen along the way: a funny thing they said, something really great they did, etc. These can be easily filled with one {or two} liners. I've also started a bit of an art journal so that I can combine my enjoyment of drawing & painting inti my documenting.

These are great. And I'll be so glad for any effort that I put in now to remember these days. However, it's all very tiring and sometimes even sad to be chasing after these fleeting moments. Where does it cross the line from documenting the moments to constantly trying to hold them? I wish I knew where the balance was. And I wish there were more moments in the day for both living in the moment and capturing the moment.

Any suggestions?