Friday, August 21, 2009

Small Victories...

Life has been, well, 'little' these days. We've been doing everything in baby steps lately on account of the, er,! Seriously, though...we've been taking little trips out, doing little projects, getting a little work done here and there, straying just a little far from home. You'd think I'd be used to this by now but the size of our living around here often correlates with the size of our kids. And, well, I haven't lived this small in about three years and I'm a bit out of practice. I think it was right around this time three years ago that I started running. There was something about just getting out and using all of my energy, strength, and air that felt so necessary. The baby I had at the time was not quite as attached to her mama as this one is and I am having trouble getting away for any length of time. But I digress...
My original point was that with everything scaled back to such a small, basic increments, I need to remember to measure my daily success accordingly. For example, before baby it was a pretty light day if I did some laundry, ran some errands, made a batch of soap, and got dinner on the table. These days, getting any one of those things done in addition to attending to Maya's needs along with the normal care of two energetic young girls is pretty huge! Now, very often, this perspective clashes with my normal multi-tasking, energetic, over-achieving, never-a-dull-moment mindset I typically posses. {Okay, it pretty much always clashes and I'm having a very hard time with i} But I need to remember to breathe! I need to remind myself that these days will be gone all to quickly and I WILL miss having a wee babe to hold in my arms and having no more important job than doing just that. I need to remember that all this other stuff is not nearly as important as this first fleeting year of her beautiful little life.
So, here's to celebrating the little stuff...and letting go of the rest!
Happy Friday!
{For those of you wondering...I have stuck to my daily photo challenge this week. Not easily, but done. You can check out my week of photos here.}


Jamie August 22, 2009 at 6:39 AM  

Some times those small victories are the only thing that keeps me going - and I'm only trying to take care of myself. Here's hoping you have a relaxing weekend.