Monday, September 28, 2009

Down with the Sickness...

Rayne has off of school all week this week. You see, we live in a pretty small town {technically the only "town" in Pennsylvania}. All of our local schools close for the week that "The Fair" comes to town. {I know, it's a little crazy...} So, I was planning all sorts of fun, fall welcoming activities for all of us to do this week. But after a super fun weekend with my brother and his family in town, my little Maya has her very first case of the sickies! It's very heartbreaking hearing her little raspy cough and her stuffy nose, not to mention the big tears coming out of her eyes. So, needless to say, our first day-o-fall-fun was spent inside doing everything we could to help make our Maya more comfortable.

The day did inspire my first ever Bench Monday photo. {see above} If you haven't yet heard of the phenomenon that is Bench Monday, it's a photo group on Flickr where every Monday you're to submit a photo of you/your friends/your family on a bench or some other improvisation. Let me just tell you that I have seen some massive creativity {and a whole lot of fun} coming out of this group. Like this, and this, and this, oh and this I just had to join in. You should, for sure, go check it out. And join in, too!!!

So, other than the Bench Monday thing, and the rocking Maya thing, and the loving that Rayne & Layla are best friends and play so well together thing, it wasn't a real productive day. But that's okay. I actually got some time to gather some ideas today for future endeavors...always exciting!

But really. Bench Monday. Go check it out!!!!


Anita (Married... with dinner) October 8, 2009 at 1:33 AM  

hey, thanks for the shout-out for my Bench Monday shot (I'm the green skirt / red tomatoes gal!)