Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sharing: My Average Day...

Warning: this will probably be the most boring post ever so please don't say I didn't warn you of its lack of luster! But I am oddly interested in the details of people's lives and I thought I'd share a brief outline of a day in the life of me.

6am...Brent gets up to get a shower; Maya and I stay in bed, nurse, cuddle, sleep
7am...Brent wakes me up and takes Maya downstairs and feeds Rayne & Layla breakfast while I shower and pick out the girls' clothes for the day
7:30am...I come downstairs {yes, you're right to notice that I have a slim 30 min. to make myself presentable}, Brent leaves for work, I get the girls dressed
8:10am...We walk Rayne to the bus stop and see her off to school
8:30am...Maya and I eat our breakfast, then I get Maya dressed {because she's typically covered in oatmeal}
9am...I sit and nurse Maya while I check email, glance through some pics on Flickr, and read some blogs {Maya has usually fallen asleep by this time}
9:30-11:30am...I try to get some work done {laundry, soap, cleaning, etc.}, Layla and I hang out and do crafts or pre-school worksheets, sometimes we take a walk, sometimes we go to the library or the grocery store
11:45...We have to drive about 5 miles to pick Rayne up off the bus
1pm - 3pm...Quiet time!!!
3pm - 5pm...The girls play, I try to do some creative work but most of the time I end up playing with the girls or reading them books
5pm...Brent has gotten home and I'm making supper
6pm - 7pm...We do something together as a family {go for a walk, play a game, etc.}
7pm - 8pm...Bath time
8pm...Bedtime...Brent tucks Rayne & Layla in while I nurse Maya to sleep; usually I spend this time playing around with {processing} photos that I've taken
9pm...Brent and I finally get to spend some time together, we watch TV and we have ice cream together EVERY NIGHT!!!
10pm...I pass out from exhaustion, Maya & Brent at my is good!
My life is busy but simple...and full of really great things. I'm assuming that you can use your imagination to fill in the mental picture with plenty of laughs, lots of pictures, some tears, a few time-outs, some deep breathing followed by hugs, and an insane amount of singing!


Kathleen October 16, 2009 at 7:29 AM  

Sounds like a beautiful day!