Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti Black Friday Shopping...

I dislike crowds. The whole idea of shopping on Black Friday gives me great anxiety. And the thought of entering a store anytime after that and before Christmas doesn't make me warm and fuzzy either. The whole 'three little kids thing', the whole 'I'm never alone' thing, the whole 'I'm a total hermit thing'...they all combine to make me an excellent online shopper! I much prefer to sit at my comfy computer chair with my cup of coffee, browse idly, take three hours {or days} to decide if I want to buy something...all while my kiddos are free to yell, play, explore, and touch all they'd like in the comforts of our own home. I love that in recent years shopping online has become so incredibly safe and easy. It makes this mama's life soooooo much easier.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas this year...

These initial compact mirrors from Anthropologie could be cute for just about any girl on your list, right? But, let's just honest...what from Anthropologie would any girl not love?

This print, titled Jubilant from Alicia Bock Photography is gorgeous. Great for your art loving bff!

Some cute and comfy pajama pants from American Eagle for the guys in your life.

My girls are always wanting to take their artwork on the go {so cute, right?}! These little crayon wallets are so perfect. There's room for a notebook and some crayons that you can close up in there. They'd be perfect for restaurants or doctor's appointments. And, if you're friends with your sewing machine, she even offers a pattern for sale in her shop.

These little birdie rattles are adorable and they look so soft and sweet!

I'll tell you what...for me, you just can't go wrong with socks. I love getting them and giving them. I love these knee-high socks from Gap. They'd look so cute peeking out of the tops of your Uggs! Perhaps you could just scoop these up for yourself with all the gas money you saved by not running all over to do your Christmas shopping!
I cannot urge you enough to look for coupon codes online before you purchase. Just do a quick google search for "(store name) coupon codes" before you purchase. This time of year you can almost always get free shipping at the very least!
I've found a lot of great stuff online this year so maybe I'll do another post like this next week!


Kathleen November 27, 2009 at 10:32 AM  

great tips :)
I also love filling my cart online and then just closing the window... all the excitement of shopping with none of the cost!