Thursday, February 21, 2008

In The Press!

A photographer from our local press was just here to take pictures of me making soap. It was a little scary because I usually kick everyone out of the kitchen when I make soap but she was very cool and it was totally relaxed and kind-of fun. I'm super excited because it's nearly impossible to get free press anywhere...especially when you didn't beg for it or promise something totally fascinating. Someone from the newspaper saw me and my homemade soap at a craft show that I was doing and thought it would make a cool story. Just an awesome case of being at the right place at the right time! Can't wait to see the story (even though I hate to see pics of myself!)

Tonight I'm off to our town's first ArtWalk. Different retailers and restaurants downtown are housing artwork from locals. I'm going to one of my retailers to hang out and get some exposure. It sounds like a very cool thing and I'm pretty proud of my small town for hosting such a thing. I hope this is the beginning of a cultural growth for our community. I live in one of those great small towns full of potential but lacking in know the type! Hopefully, that will be changing.