Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Picking up!

The crafting business, well probably any business, is so inconsistant. It seems you're either completely dead or super busy. Maybe as business builds it becomes more consistant. But mine, in it's newbie stage, is still pretty up and down. But right now it feels like things are picking up for another round of busy! Great! (and much needed for funding...)

This weekend I spent gobs of time giving
my website a facelift with the new banner that Summer from Chocolate Box Designs made for me. It turned out perfect. It totally meshes with my product vision so I wanted to use it on my website and my Etsy store which meant I had to totally re-do the website. It needed done anyway...I'm hoping to get some traffic when the article about my making soap appears in the local press. I wanted it to be perfect!

Also, I had my first/practice home spa party. It went very well and I'm very excited for the ones we have booked. It was a great opportunity to get some great ladies together to nuture themselves...not to mention a great opportunity for exposure and sales. I'm glad that I had a practice. I was able to work out some kinks and see what was missing. But overall, I think they're going to work out great.