Thursday, March 20, 2008


This day has been truly uplifting day thus far! Why, you ask?!
Yay, the end is near. Warmer weather is coming back to PA. Allthough today is a blustery, chilly day, I remain optomistic about the near future. Last night I even wore flip-flops out of the house! (topic of my love of flip-flops for another post...)

2)I just cut my new Grapefruit Peppermint Soap!
Scent: amazing Color: amazing Consistency: amazing
I'm very pleased with how the soap turned out. I'm working with some new colorants and I was trying to acheive a very specific color without really knowing how these colors behaved. So, I was taking a total chance and ended up with the perfect pinky/peachy color. And just cutting the soap put me in a super positve frame of mind (hello aromatherapy!) so I can't wait until it cures and I can try it in my morning shower.

3) I'm on the front page of the Regional section of our local newspaper today!
This is the article that they came about a month ago to take pictures for. I was beginning to think that they scrapped the whole thing but my husband called from work first thing to say it was in there. Who knows what will come of it but I'm happy for the FREE exposure!

4) Yesterday I posted a forum topic on Etsy asking other soapmakers for helpful swirling techniques. (I had made my first attempt on Monday which, needless to say, did not turn out well!) Anyway, the experience showed me how incredibly kind, helpful, and cool the other Etsy soapmakers are! I was really surprised. Not because I didn't think other Etsy soapmakers would be nice. But I guess I assumed (four letter word) that because we were essentially compitition that they maybe wouldn't be so eager to help another soapmaker. NOT SO! They were helpful, complementary, encouraging. It made me feel very, well, uplifted!

Now, I do have to visit the dentist later so I'm hoping that the uplifting theme of the day continues!


Anonymous March 21, 2008 at 9:29 AM  

What an awesome day!!!! Good for you!

Spring? What's spring? Spring doesn't hit Western New York until May! It was snowing again yesterday, however, my son spotted a group of 4 robins in the back, who knows?