Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Has Sprung...

...at least in my neck of the woods! We've had some really beautiful days lately here in PA. Spring has got to be my favorite time of year (for a fully explained reason, read my monthly newsletter).

In honor of Earth Day today, I have...

1. Noticed how gorgeous it is outside today.

2. Hung laundry out to dry.

3. Let the dogs stay outside longer than normal to do their business.

4. Made soap (not really Earth Day related but working towards bigger steps).

5. I will go and vote later today in the PA primaries in an effort to better our country!

6. I took a couple of extra steps to mail packages from my home instead of taking them to the post office to save gas.

7. Composted leftover lunch food.

8. Took a short shower with the lights off (it was daytime, lights weren't necessary anyway).

9. Used cloth napkins at breakfast and lunch, and will at dinner as well (seeing as how they are all we own) which I will then wash on cold and hang out to dry...see # 2!

10. Blogged about my Earth Day efforts to inspire similar efforts in others!

Please enjoy your Earth Day! And if you live in PA, please GO AND VOTE!!!!!!