Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Library Day...

So...things were getting a bit hectic around here. Three kiddos {one of which being a nursing-loving newborn} means just a ton of stuff to do all the time and never enough time to get it done. Getting them dressed, making their meals, doing piggy-tails, cleaning their clothes, picking up just so you can find their bed so you can put them to sleep so you can go get a shower or eat a quick meal...I imagine that you're getting the picture here. Needless to say that, although there's still been a lot of fun times in the house, there hasn't been a lot of family fun/relax/taking a load off time which I find to be essential for overall family health and well-being. But here's the really crazy part...our house was still a complete disaster and Brent and I were still pretty busy...even though we didn't stop all. So, do I hire a baby sitter and get some time to clean my house or do I hire a cleaning lady and hang out with my kids? Yes, you're absolutely right...I hire a great girl to clean my house, declare Wednesday "library day" and spend the better part of the day out running around with my three lovely ladies. And I do mean lovely! I adore spending time with them. I love hearing what they think about things and learning about how they process it all. I don't know what I'd do without those little in-between moments with them.
So, off we went to the library where we picked up our first collection of the summer including one of my childhood favs {Shel Silversteins, where the sidewalk ends}, a few about princesses {of course}, and a couple that were just so pretty to look at. Seriously, take a look at these illustrations...gorgeous!

We had a blast! And my house is so clean and good smelling! I totally made the right decision!