Monday, December 21, 2009

A Job for the Elves...

This time of year, I love it when my kids can do something fun that also takes something off my to-do list. After we painted the clothespins for our finger knitted holiday card garland, the girls still wanted to paint with "mommy's paints." So I broke out some plain manila hanging tags, some wrapping ribbon, and the glue sticks.

The girls painted the tags and added glitter while they were still wet.

Once dry, they cut pieces of ribbon and glued them to the tags.

Rayne even added a festive drawing or two to some of hers.

The girls really enjoyed this project and the tags are certainly something will be able to use in our wrapping.

And, as always, this type of project always jumpstarts their creativity and they found new ways to use the materials we had out, making all sorts of lovely things. This project gets a A+ in my book!