Friday, April 30, 2010

Realities & Blessings...

Hello & Happy Friday!!!! What?, you ask. Two R&B's in one week? Yes, I's invigorating. Well, not really. But after today we'll be back on schedule and that, my friends, is invigorating.

So, without further ado...

Reality: I officially spent the bulk of my week cleaning up dog messes. The big dog came around quite quickly, but the little one had a rough time shaking that nasty bug. He's 11 yrs. old and he has chronic allergies which makes everything hit him just a little harder.
Blessing: The biggest blessing is that it's OVER! He is finally eating and everything seems to be working properly. The bonus blessing is that any residual guilt I may have been harboring over not bringing anything to the financial table has completely vanished. I am now 100% convinced that I more than earn my keep around here!

Reality: I've been in a creative slump for about three weeks now. I've been dispassionate about photography, editing, & writing...all the things that typically bring me so much joy and fulfilment. Although I know full well that this is all just a part of the creative process, I'm really getting frustrated and grumpy over it none-the-less.
Blessing: It's right about the time that you're coming out of these creative slumps that you realize you've been in one. And I'm happy to report that I do see some signs that I'm rounding the creative corner. {YAAAYYY!!!} Also, my time spent in the underbelly of the creative flow reminded me that I owe you a post on the creative cycle. A while back I posted the first in a two part series on Fostering Creativity and I neglected to post the second. So, I think {hopefully} I'm going to do a video blog on the topic because I have a lot to say and I never get the time to type that much {with both of my hands}. So that will be exciting! Also, my creative slump allowed me a big opportunity to plug away at some of the boring less creative tasks involved with opening up my print shop! So I'm hoping to get that up and running next week!

Reality: Due to all the busy-ness, lack of sleep, and overall unpleasantness going on around here this past week, I re-fueled and pepped up with raunchy, calorically overloaded, sugar coated foods...and lots of them.  I really think that after spending the weekend at my brother's {who happens to make the BEST chicken enchiladas...of which I ate plenty to cover servings for all of us!} and stuffing my face with junk this week that I have easily gained a minimum of five to seven pounds. The part that really bothers me is that I feel like I've spent a week eating nothing but junk: sluggish, bloated, blah!
Blessing: I found solace and a much needed sugar rush in more than one bag of chocolate covered pretzels and a pack of EL Fudge cookies. And, you know what, at the end of the day when you're juggling three kids and two sick dogs, you need to get your jollies wherever you can! And if some weeks that's a bag of marshmallows, then so be it!

Alright... I am ready to leave this week behind me and head on into better days! Did you like the inclusion of all the "dog"wood pictures...get it? I'm trying to re-associate the word dog with nicer images! I'd love it if you joined in on the R&B fun...if you do, please link back here and leave your link in the comments!

I'm very excited about some things I have planned for next week. In honor of my print shop opening up, next week will be full of fun and creativity and maybe even a giveaway!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


Johnna Riddell April 30, 2010 at 9:02 PM  

I cannot wait for your video blog!! YAY!!

I love your R&B's this week and I am so glad the both the doggies are better and that you are rounding out this slump -- while it didn't show (your work is always brilliant) I know that inner struggle is a bit painful...

Here's to a new week!

--and of course, as usual, I played along...

Charity April 30, 2010 at 9:11 PM  

So glad the doggies are better, and the creativity is flowing! I played along again this week, too:

Amy April 30, 2010 at 9:31 PM  

Your R&B posts are quickly becoming among my favorite posts to read. I'm sorry the pups were sick but if you don't mind I'm going to associate your dog-wood images with the tree outside my parent's house instead of the other image you painted earlier this week! :)

Hyacynth April 30, 2010 at 9:38 PM  

I love the R&B idea. Did I tell you that already? Becuase, really, it's just a fabulous way to train your mind to find the blessings in everything. I have even found blessings amidst my father's death. The way God is holding me right now is incredible. His mercy and grace have been more than enough. And the amazing Body of Christ He has sent to surround me has been so needed and so powerful. Thank you for being part of that.
And praise Him that your dogs are better and that you're doing a new word association! lol. So funny.

Corinne April 30, 2010 at 9:50 PM  

I'm now craving sweets and chocolate and chicken enchillads... YUM!!
So glad you're coming out of your creative funk.. send some of that creativity my way please...

Laura April 30, 2010 at 10:11 PM  

I came across your beautiful photography on flickr, and then happily stumbled across your blog shortly after. I really appreciate the idea of R&B so I gave it an initial try on my little blog :)

Jamie May 1, 2010 at 8:02 AM  

Its safe to say that even in a so-called creative slump - you are still more creative than most people (including me) ever dream of being.

Kim Klassen May 2, 2010 at 12:05 AM  

i so love your r&b....

xxo, kim

janine May 2, 2010 at 3:26 AM  

I think the creative slump is all part of the cycle - if you never had any lows you wouldn't realise how great the highs are! I'm so glad also that I'm not the only one who adds to their own blessings with chocolate and other sugar laden food stuff - I'm pretty sure that's why they invented it. Loving your photos as always - if only my garden grew something other than the moss we pretend is grass! Have a great weekend :)

Kris's Kaptured Moments May 2, 2010 at 10:43 AM  

I love this R&B week. So real and true to life. I tired my first one today.I still can't figure out how to add pictures straight to the blog, but I am determined to figure it out.
So glad the pups are doing better and will continue to improve.
I totally understand the slump..UGH. I hope yours passes soon, I LOVE your work and your slump doesn't show in your work. My slump is so slummpy is my take awhile to recover. hehe
I wish you a fantastic and blessed week ahead.